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Our ideas and aim´s is to please our custermer´s to the greatest Satisfaction

"Coffee at its greatest!"

"to our products!" and all our different Varieties!"

We are pleased to present our Collection to you.

Lavazza, Lavazza Qualita Rossa, Lavazza Oro, Crema e Aroma, Super Crema, Grandespresso, Top Class, Black Tin, Black pack and of course Segafredo Intermezzo Bean´s and grounded Coffee´s

With us, you will find in our product´s Good taste, Harmonie and enjoyable-moment´s and naturly to our product´s also include´s coffeepods just to menchen a few of our product´s. Senseo, Favor, Original Senseo Hot Choco, Chocomel, Lavazza, Segafredo, Espresso, Coffee.

Coffee name´s with History....!





Freshly pickt Coffee has no Aroma, no Taste, no Smell and that is why the bean roast is very important!

 Only through Roasting the Bean´s is the Coffee allowed to live!, to grow!, its rich taste and Aroma awake´s. And of course all our pruduct´s ar all explicable for your choice of Coffeeperqualator, Espress-Maschin.

Your personal taste of different Varieties of Coffee´s or Bean´s and of course the Atmesphare in with you drink your Coffee is also very important.

We hope to please with all our product´s, so let us take you a little further through our splended line of magnificent Coffee´s

We hope to Spoil you, and your tastbudis, so please choose you Faverut´s...

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